↳ Ronaldo scored his 15th goal against Ghana in 2006, Klose makes his 15th goal against Ghana;

↳ Ronaldo arrived at the 15th goal in Germany, Klose arrives at the 15th goal in Brazil;

↳ Ronaldo took this record of a German in Germany. Klose can take the record of a Brazilian in Brazil.

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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Leo!


listening to AK’s new song like


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Happy Birthday, Leo Messi!

"No matter the titles, trophies and honours, I will always 
be the boy who grew up in Rosario, Santa Fé, Argentina."
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"Every nation has it’s hero" 

Brazil NT - Neymar Jr.


thomas müller being a cutie and signing autographs

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Brazil 4 vs. 1 Cameroun

Neymar: 17’, 35’
Fred: ‘49
Fernandinho: 84’